• Portfolios for New or Younger Models

Our studio is keen to assist models to prepare or update their portfolios. We offer professional outcomes and enthusiastic support, particularly for those who want something a little different to set them apart from the rest of the competition.

Our services are modestly priced, particularly for those newer or younger models attempting to break into the industry.  We also offer discounts to those models with unique ideas that pique our interest.


  •  Nice Bloke, Funny Bloody Job

You're right if you think it's a strange title for a photographic project but it encapulates the essence of the images we want to capture. For now,  it will do as a working title until we think of something better.

We want to hear from men in peculiar occupations who wouldn't mind a photographer tagging along behind them at work. To you, it might be just another day at the office but to the rest of us, it might represent  an unusual or even an exciting way of life. You don't need to be a lion tamer to be of interest to us just someone who does things a little differently.

Thinking Big Productions Photographic Studio