Photo Parties are just like Tupperware parties only much more fun. Here's how they work:

A hostess will invite 3 or 4 of her friends over to her home. While our photographer is setting up his  mobile studio the hostess and her friends will be beautifully made-up by a highly-skilled cosmetic artist. After receiving some basic modelling instruction each model will have a personal photo shoot.

Some of the most successful Photo Parties are those that adopt a theme such as: Roaring 20's, Women in Uniform, Fancy Dress,  Movie Stars, Cowgirls and Molls. Lingerie and swimwear shoots are also great fun. Usually, the more outrageous the theme and costumes the more enjoyment for everyone. We also conduct Photo Parties that are more sedate for models who prefer say, formal wear or simply beautiful portraits; the choice is yours. 

Additionally, it’s possible for party goers to arrange for a private extended shoot at the end of the party.

This is a unique experience that will leave you and your friends with lasting memories and some absolutely wonderful studio photographs. Best of all, because we are shooting 4 or 5 subjects at a time our fixed costs are only a fraction of what they would normally be on a per client basis. This saving is passed on to the hostess and her friends. Naturally, in appreciation of her efforts, our hostess will also receive a reduction in the base fee and any further prints that she may order.

Our minimum fee for a Photo Party is $550+gst. This includes our travel and mobile studio setup costs, makeup and photo shoot for the hostess ($100+gst) and three guests ($150+gst each). Additional guests will be $150+gst. Models may expect to receive a CD with 20 of the best images (however, we usually throw in more).  These images will be suitable for viewing on computer and emailing to friends and relatives. Printed studio quality images are available upon request for an additional but reasonable charge. We are also able to produce a beautiful studio quality coffee table book that will provide a lasting memory of your Photo Party.


Thinking Big Productions Photographic Studio